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I’m still alive, and so is the project!

Relayboard no. 1 is finally complete; this board, to remind any imaginary readers I may have, will electrically replace about half the keys on the top keyboard.

I wonder which species of bird is nesting on my sofa

For the non-electricians: a relay consists of an electromagnet and a little switch in a box, so that when the electromagnet is turned on, then so is the switch; and when the electromagnet is turned off, the switch is turned off.  This is nice here, because I don’t trust the electronics inside the organ to be predictable – so I can control the “keys” (the “switch” side of the relay) via another circuit without actually passing any electricity between them.  So far, so good.

I have now tested the control side of the board, and it more or less works; next up, testing the switch side of the board.


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Cables, cables, everywhere, nor any drop to – erm –

Things I have learned while attempting to record the Lowrey Genie 44 :-

  1. Do not attempt to record out of the headphone socket.  You will regret it; the sudden alternation of unexpectedly loud 50Hz mains fart and high-pitched tinnitus-inducing heaven-knows-what will not aid you in achieving the zen-like state required.
  2. Do attempt to use the phono socket on the back.  It’s very well hidden, though, being behind (but not central in) a small round unlabelled hole in the hardboard back.  On the Quality Control board, for those of you trying to correlate it at home.  Even if you manage to find the socket, if you have only one or two sounds going, the result is very quiet and a bit noisy.
  3. Except for the pedals, which’ll knock your socks off.
  4. That’s pretty much the best you’re getting in terms of output!

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