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“no, no, make it stop, please at least use cable ties…”

There are now 20 notes active on the relayboard.  This is all the notes I can get working without going back and fixing some dud soldering.

What’s good about the relayboard design?

  • It works, and it works reliably. It is odd playing the keyboard and having the organ go off.
  • It is electrically very simple, and within even my questionable powers to assemble.
  • It is unlikely to explode without warning

What’s not so good?

  • It sounds like a room full of people knitting. Sound will follow.
  • It gets unseasonably warm. Not too warm, but more so than I am entirely happy with for something that performs such a simple job.
  • Corollary: it is probably drawing more current than I’d like.

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I’m still alive, and so is the project!

Relayboard no. 1 is finally complete; this board, to remind any imaginary readers I may have, will electrically replace about half the keys on the top keyboard.

I wonder which species of bird is nesting on my sofa

For the non-electricians: a relay consists of an electromagnet and a little switch in a box, so that when the electromagnet is turned on, then so is the switch; and when the electromagnet is turned off, the switch is turned off.  This is nice here, because I don’t trust the electronics inside the organ to be predictable – so I can control the “keys” (the “switch” side of the relay) via another circuit without actually passing any electricity between them.  So far, so good.

I have now tested the control side of the board, and it more or less works; next up, testing the switch side of the board.

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